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My golf game has a long way to go and I'm going to improve my scores and keep a sense of humor about it if it kills me. I think other novice golfers feel the same way. We laugh off (or try to) the bad shots, move on to the next target and keep playing. Life is like that - we laugh off the bad shots and keep playing. That's what UgolferU is about. We novices can talk about the courses we see, the people we meet, the shots we take and how we keep moving toward that goal - which for me is shooting 85.

For many years I was an architect. Now, I produce iPhone applications and websites for design and construction professionals, artwork and I've written a book called "Drawings in the Palm of Your Hand". You can take a look my projects
here, my artwork here and the book here.

Life, golf and this site are all about exploration and discovery. Golf courses are beautiful places and you will find some interesting artwork and photographs for some of the fairways I've come across. It's all a learning experience. So, if you want to contribute some thoughts or tips to struggling golfers everywhere,
contact me.


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